Education Standards Panel

The National Boating Education Standards, originally adopted by the NASBLA membership in 1999, are intended to prescribe the minimum body of knowledge to effect safe, legal, and enjoyable recreational boating and to serve as a basis for boating education courses approved by NASBLA and recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard.

In its continuing efforts to achieve national agreement and consistency in boating education program content and course delivery for the nation’s boaters, NASBLA established the National Boating Education Standards Panel in 2010. The 15-member Panel, designed to represent a range of stakeholder interests, is charged with reviewing, developing, and revising the Standards using open, consensus-based procedures conforming to the Essential Requirements for Due Process of American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  The Education Standards Panel received recognition as an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer in September 2014.

Follow this EZ-ESP link to register for access to the standards webtool. All communication regarding the National Boating Education Standards, including information regarding the call for proposed revisions, panel disposition of comments received, and input of public comments (during open call periods) is available via this site.

NOTE:  All meetings of the Education Standards Panel are open to the boating public.  The next in-person meeting of the Panel will be held October 14-15 in Bangor, Maine.  Meeting agenda and materials are listed in the box on the right.


Education Standard Panel Members (as of October 2014)


Panel Approved Standards:

NASBLA 103-2015: Basic Boating Knowledge - Power (Now undergoing ANSI process for recognition as an American National Standard)

Oct. 14-15, 2014 ESP Meeting Materials

Tab 0 - Meeting Agenda

Tab 1 - Sept 16, 2014 DRAFT meeting minutes with Appendix A

Tab 2a - ESP Rules as amended 9-17-2014 with ANSI corrections highlighted

Tab 2b - ANSI follow up comment

Tab 3 - NASBLA 103-2015: Basic Boating Knowledge - Power

Tab 4 - USCG Final Rule PFD Labeling

Tab 5 - Education Committee - On-water Best Practices

Tab 6 - MASTER LIST Power on Water Standard - Track changes version

Tab 7a - NASBLA 101-20XX Basic Boating Knowledge - Human-Propelled, Paddlesports, Etc. - Clean Copy

Tab 7b - NASBLA 101-20XX Basic Boating Knowledge - Human-Propelled, Paddlesports, Etc. - Tracked Changes

Tab 8a - 101-20XX Human Propelled Public Review Editorial Comments

Tab 8b - 101-20XX Human Propelled Public Review Technical Comments

Tab 9a - ESP flow chart - initial review

Tab 9b - ANS key steps

Tab 10 - 2014 ANSI Essential Requirements

Tab 11 - ANSI self audit tips

Tab 12 - Electonic Audit

Education Standards Panel FAQs
Education Standards Panel Rules
Education Standards Panel Code of Ethics
Applications are accepted year-round. Members of Panel will be selected and announced by the NASBLA Executive Board as terms expire or as vacancies occur.
Education Standards Panel Application (PDF version) (for use as guide in preparing online submission)
Education Standards Panel Application (online)
Contact Pam Dillon if you have questions.
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NASBLA Appoints Education Standards Panel

ANSI Accredits NASBLA as Standards Developer