2011 Port Security Grant Opportunity and Guidance

2011 Port Security Grant Outreach Invite and Agenda   

The Boat Operations and Training (BOAT) Program establishes a national standard for the training, qualification, credentialing and typing of maritime law enforcement and rescue personnel. While the BOAT Program is not mandatory, adoption and implementation of the program will provide a true national standard for the purpose of maritime interoperability at the federal, state and local levels. Standardization ensures maritime agencies can interact together and will bolster their ability to act as force multipliers nationwide.   

Adapted from the U.S. Coast Guard’s boat forces training framework, the BOAT Program is comprised of vital maritime training and management components, including: 

•    System Policy
•    The Training and Qualification Process
•    Boat Crew Qualification Tasks
•    Program Manager Roles and Responsibilities
•    Boat Crew Currency Maintenance
•    Documentation Requirements

   NASBLA BOAT Program receives Bright Ideas Award from Harvard Kennedy School's Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation.
Announcing Basic Crew Member Course

NASBLA and our project partners, the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Boat Forces, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and the National Safe Boating Council, have established a nationally standardized course curriculum to teach basic boat crew operations to a wide variety of marine law enforcement officers, first responders and others who support recreational boating safety and related maritime public safety missions.

BCM Announcement

BCM Course Overview
  TOC Training in Connecticutt



Training and qualifications are established to ensure the readiness of multiple agency boat crews to complete assigned missions or carry out responsibilities safely and effectively. NASBLA BOAT Program staff can assist your agency in coordinating your BOAT Program training needs through resident courses or with exportable instructors.

What is being said about the BOAT Program?

 “While I did not have the opportunity to take the class myself, I spoke with many of the officers that did for their evaluation of the program.  I wanted to make sure the investment I made financially and in personnel was worth it. To an officer, the feedback on the course was exceptional.” Colonel Kyle Overturf, Connecticut Environmental Conservation Police

“I want to thank you (John Fetterman) and NASBLA for moving forward with the concept of providing the states with greater services, especially in the training field as it relates to boating.  This was something we had talked about while I was the BLA and the President of NASBLA, as we needed to adjust to changing times and make NASBLA a key player into the future in the Boating world.  This is a good step in that direction.  The partnerships that this is creating and the increased skill levels of our boating enforcement officers is a clear benefit of this training.  We look forward to additional training in the other programs that you are offering in the near future.”  Bill Engfer, Homeland Security Coordinator, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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BOAT Tactical Operators Course Curriculum

BOAT Operator for Search and Rescue Course Overview

  BCM Course Testimonials


FAQs for State & Local Law Enforcement

FAQs for U.S. Coast Guard

BOAT Program Promulgation Letter

BOAT Program Manual Volume 1 - Overview

BOAT Program Manual Volume 2 - Qualifications

Evaluation of NASBLA Marine Law Enforcement Water Response Team Training Course

NASBLA BOAT Program:  The Coast Guard's Force Multiplier

NASBLA BOAT Program: Strengthening Partnerships (Small Craft Advisory Article

Informational video about the BOAT Program

  TOC Training Testimonial

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BOAT Program Brochure

NASBLA BOAT Program - training, qualification, credentialing and typing of marine law enforcement and rescue personnel

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