Education & Outreach

Next Meeting: March 28 – 29, 2015 | Destin, FL

NASBLA Education and Outreach Committee Vision Statement

The Education and Outreach Committee will provide guidance, support, and expertise to advance boating safety and develop national education and outreach program recommendations.

Program recommendations will:

  • Advance the strategic plans of the National Recreational Boating Safety Program and NASBLA;
  • Incorporate best practices and current research;
  • Support the implementation of national standards for boatin education;
  • Identify effective innovations in education and outreach;
  • Develop communication strategies using targeted marketing and educational tactics; and
  • Connect the public, member organizations and stakeholders with the products of the committee and others.

Education and Outreach Committee members are assembled into two sub-committees: Marketing & Outreach and Policy & Best Practices. Each subcommittee has project teams which take the lead on specific, assigned charges and activities.

NASBLA Education Committee Chair, Mark Brown

Committee Chair
Susan Stocker

2014 Committee Final Report PPT

2014 Education & Outreach Committee FINAL REPORT (Without Appendices - 28 pages)    (With All Appendices (182 pages) EXCEPT Excel spreadsheets in 9C)

List of Appendices: NOTE:  Appendix numbers reference the charge team which produced the document.  Not all charges have appendices, therefore numbers are skipped in the list posted below. All Appendices are in PDF format unless noted.

2013-14 Education & Outreach Committee - Charges

Additional committee documents and references are available on Basecamp.


HIGHLIGHTS & RESOURCES from the Education & Outreach Committee 
(Previously called the Education & Awareness Committee)  

2012-13 Education & Outreach Committee Final Report

2012-13 Education & Outreach Committee - Charges

2011-12 Education Committee Final Report

2011-12 Committee Charges and members.

2010 - 11 Education & Awareness Committee Charges and Members

Minutes, 2009 - April, Panama City Beach, Florida

Minutes, 2008 - April, San Diego, California

Minutes, 2007 - March, San Antonio, Texas

Minutes, 2006 - September, Louisville, Kentucky

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