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Devoted to recreational boating laws, safety and education, Small Craft Advisory is for and about the nation's boating law administration professionals. Published bimonthly, the award-winning magazine utilizes news articles, features, standard columns and news briefs to highlight successful recreational boating safety programs, organization activities, professional news, legislative updates, upcoming events and other recreational boating-related safety, education and law enforcement matters. The magazine reaches boating law administrators, education specialists, law enforcement officers, legislators, and other boating safety partners and organizations.

NASBLA’s official publication and its editor, Kimberly Jenkins, have been recognized with awards from the Annual Awards for Publication Excellence Competition (APEX) the last four years. APEX is an international competition for writers, editors, publications staff and communicators in corporate, nonprofit and independent settings.

2013 Feature Writing "Becoming a Safer Boater"
2012 News Writing "A Successful Approach to Mandatory Education"
2011 Feature Writing "Taking a Different Tack on Learning"
2010 News Writing "North Carolina's Formula for OWI Success"
2009 Most Improved
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Small Craft Advisory
2009 News Writing “To Swim or Not to Swim"